Student Opportunities

Most summers the RCAAE offers a studentship to one or two students who have an interest in field-based research, plant ecology, and vegetation monitoring and conservation.

Studentships are a great opportunity for students to gain experience and knowledge of field ecology techniques. Students learn a range of skills such as plant identification, quantitative measurements of plant populations and environmental attributes, database entry and data manipulation.

Studentships are based in the Victorian Alps (typically at Falls Creek), with students completing a month or more of field-based research and monitoring. By obtaining a studentship you can contribute to long-term research and monitoring in the alpine environment, contributing to conservation of these natural areas.

More information can be found in the RCAAE Alpine Studentship Flyer.

To apply for the 2019 summer studentship, please email a resume and a cover letter to Zac Walker ( The cover letter should include why you would like to complete the 2019 studentship with the Research Centre for Applied Alpine Ecology.

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Previous Summer Studentships with the RCAAE

Seraphina Cutler, Hons in Alpine Ecology

No studentship

James Camac, Hons & PhD in Alpine Ecology, Research Fellow & member RCAAE
Brad Farmilo, Hons & PhD in Plant Ecology

Shona Arber, Hons in Plant Ecology
Luke O’Loughlin, Hons & PhD in Invasion Ecology

Linda Requelme, Hons in Plant Ecology
Scott McDonald, Hons

Freya Thomas, Hons & PhD in Plant Ecology
Karen Stott (Deakin Uni), Hons in Alpine Ecology

Citra Dashiell, Hons in Alpine Ecology
Marty Bryant, Diploma of Education

Juan Hernandez, Hons in Plant Ecology
Verity Fyfe, Botanical consultant
Ben Zeeman, Hons & PhD in Plant Ecology
Lincoln Palamountain

Karina Salmon, Hons in Fire Ecology
Nick Bell, Hons in Alpine Genetics

Zac Walker, Hons in Fire Ecology, Research Assistant RCAAE
Brendan Ashby, Hons in Mycorrhizal Ecology

No studentship

Emma Sumner, Hons in Alpine Ecology

Elyse Harrison

Bianca Berto, Hons in Plant Ecology
Alexandra Blackburn-Smith