Current members of the Research Centre for Applied Alpine Ecology include staff and research students from La Trobe University, University of Melbourne, Australian National University, Charles Darwin University and Deakin University.



List of Members

Current Member Students

  • Emma Sumner (PhD candidate, Deakin University)
    Interactive effects of heat, frost and drought on Australian alpine plants
    Supervisor: Susanna Venn
  • Oliviah Lines (PhD candidate, La Trobe University)
    How do changes in water quality drive microbial communities within biofilms in alpine stream?
    Supervisors: Ewen Silvester, Alecia Holland and Michael Shackleton
  • Suman Acharya (PhD candidate, La Trobe University)
    Dissolved organic nitrogen in natural waters as a source of bioavailable nitrogen
    Supervisors: Ewen Silvester and Aleicia Holland
  • Alex Blackburn-Smith (Masters student, La Trobe University)
    The composition and dynamics of wet rocky pavement communities
    Supervisor: John Morgan and Ewen Silvester
  • Suzie Moss (Masters student, La Trobe University)
    Long-term vegetation dyanmics in alpine grasslands on the Bogong High Plains
    Supervisor: John Morgan and Pete Green
  • Iris Hickman (Honours student, La Trobe University)
    Multi-decadal changes in mountain summit vegetation
    Supervisor: John Morgan and Susanna Venn