What is the Research Centre for Applied Alpine Ecology?

The Research Centre for Applied Alpine Ecology comprises a group of professional scientists and academics who study all aspects of the ecology of alpine and sub-alpine landscapes in Australia. Our scientific research includes ecological processes, rare and endangered species conservation, effects of fire, exotic plants and animals, human activities, and the management of these ecosystems in response to climate change.

Current members of the Research Centre for Applied Alpine Ecology include staff and research students from across Departments (EEE, APSS) and campuses (Bundoora, Wodonga) of La Trobe University, plus researchers from the School of Biosciences at the University of Melbourne. In addition, we have members from the Australian National University, Charles Darwin University and Deakin University.

While the focus for much of the research is on the Bogong High Plains, one of few extensive high altitude landscapes on the Australian mainland, on-going investigations span all of the subalpine and alpine in Victoria, with research also conducted in Kosciuszko National Park. Many of our members have decade-long associations with these regions, and have studied ecological processes over a range of timescales.

In addition to our active research program, the Research Centre takes a leading role in teaching alpine ecology to land management staff, research students, and members of the public with an interest in alpine ecosystems, through the Alpine Ecology Course which is usually held every second February at Falls Creek. The 2020 course was cancelled due to the Black Summer bushfires and the 2021 course was cancelled due to COVID. The next course is intended to be held in Autumn, 2022, pending the on-going COVID situation.

For more information about the course, please refer to the 2020 course flyer.